Lab Results - What the numbers Mean

The first column of the test results below, include the Pesticide, Heavy Metal, Mycotoxin content (all tests passed), and the individual harvested floral CBD potency as tested by independent Third Party Labs. Flower Potency results indicate how much CBD is in the flower. For you this is important for assessing the quality of the harvested flower as rollup or flower purchases. For us this is also important, as higher concentration means less processing time and less harvested product required in order to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. Our CBD extraction process results in CBD  / THC levels well in excess (15 -30 times) what you receive in final form. In the case of our externally sourced Delta 8 distillate, potency is >99 % Delta 8. 

The second column below shows the lab results from the concentrates (distillates) we use in order to make each individual product. When interpreting these results, you need to understand these are highly concentrated raw materials when comparing to the end product which  you buy. As an example, our Full Spectrum 1000MG all day CBD contains only about 3% cannabinoids, while the concentrated form contains over 65% cannabinoids.  The remainder of the product consists primarily of organic MCT oil and to a lesser degree hemp plant residuals (terpenes, waxes, lipids, flavonoids) which in combination with CBD,  give you the Entourage Effect of full spectrum quality CBD products. 

In summary, our CBD extraction process results in CBD  / THC levels well in excess of what you receive in final form. We contract with third party labs to measure the potency and also test for residual solvents in these concentrated extracts. While we have bench testing equipment which can give us approximate values, all batches are sent for testing to these third party labs who have the expertise and sophisticated facilities to perform exact measurements. 

Since full panel third party labs testing costs many, many times more than the prices for our individual products, neither Redwood Hemp Farm, no any other CBD processor, can economically test nor contract with third party testers on each individual product listed for sale.  Instead we use these concentrated potency results to determine the exact amount of concentrate required in each bottle or container that we ship to you. We then add a carrier oil, (organic MCT in our case) to the desired content of the container oil or product. Simple enough, but behind the scenes exist rigorous processes: dilution charting, mixing / homogenization, precise bottling to name a few. These are are far more complicated and are beyond the scope of this blog. We worry about that so you don’ have to.

Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins

Flower Potency Test Results

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