CBD Starter Kit



When first starting CBD, it is recommended that you start slowly, gradually working up to your ideal strength while minimizing the potential side effects (nausea) as your body get accustomed CBD. This product is ideal for people who wish to try CBD for the first time.  It comes in capsule form in two different strengths. For the first week you will take a 6 MG dose in the morning and again at night. In the second and third weeks you will take a 6 MG dose in the morning and a 12.5 MG dose in the evening. In the last week you will take a 12.5 MG dose in morning and again in the evening. During this fourth week, you will be taking approx 25 MG per day. Throughout, this trial month, you should be able to gauge what CBD strength is right for you and can explore our other offerings.

While our lab results yield little or no detectable THC levels in our CBD oils, as with all CBD products, you should exercise caution if you are subject to drug testing at work.