Hawaiian Haze – Hybrid

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Cannabinoid Content: 21,63% & <LOQ%Δ9 THC

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

General: Hawaiian Haze is a mostly hybrid strain that produces some high-quality effects. Rich, dank aromas and vibrant flavors transport you to an oasis of relaxation and euphoria A mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics, these light, airy buds will leave you with a nice high. Many users also report that it makes them sociable and talkative, so it may be a good daytime breakaway. Hawaiian Haze’s floral smell and taste of tropical fruit might just have you daydreaming about a visit to the Big Island. Full of medium-to-large-sized buds, this batch of Hawaiian Haze is a stunner! The flowers are beautifully shaped, and sport many gorgeous shades of green, from lime to forest. 

Nose: Musty, sweet earth, and plant matter. When ground, the flowers exude big notes of sweet, pungent tropical fruit, with a hint of sharpness.

Third-Party Lab tested: Refer to our lab results section.

While our lab results yield little or no detectable THC levels in our CBD flower, as with all CBD products, you should exercise caution if you are subject to drug testing at work.

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